1001 Emerson
731 Lincoln
1 Fort Mason
ACME Chophouse
Environmental Home Center
Los Altos Hills
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Mijita Tacqueria
Park Avenue, NY
Sandra Slater Environments
The Green Guide

Sandra Slater Environments is a design and consulting firm committed to the integration of aesthetics and sustainable building practices. We believe the synthesis of these two concepts are not only mutually compatible, but mutually enhanced.

Explore 1001 Emerson and view an example of our design. Built as a single-family residence, it demonstrates how environmentally sustainable "green" principles can be incorporated affordably into everyday building practices while maintaining a high design aesthetic.

Discover more about 1001 Emerson--click on details to the right and floor plans below.
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The house is filled with natural light which cascades into all rooms of the house through strategically placed windows. Few electrical lights are needed thereby reducing the need for electricty during the daylight hours.
The foundation concrete consists of 15% flyash, a waste byproduct of coal-burning which is a large constributor to landfill. Flyash adds strength and water resistance to concrete.
The house is framed with certified lumber and steel with high recycled content. The structural design minimizes the amount of lumber needed by 10% compared to traditional methods.
project credits:
Sandra Slater Environments with
Cathy Schwabe and EHDD, Architects
and Drew Maran Construction/Design