1001 Emerson
731 Lincoln
1 Fort Mason
ACME Chophouse
Environmental Home Center
Los Altos Hills
Menlo Park Office
Mijita Tacqueria
Park Avenue, NY
Sandra Slater Environments
The Green Guide
The master bedroom is a spacious, contemplative refuge from the communal areas in the home. A vaulted ceiling combines the bedroom with the bathroom and dressing area.
Vent windows at the peak of the ceiling capture hot air and steam and quickly release it from the house.
The 100% wool carpet is reused from a prior installation.
To help reduce landfill waste, the house uses cellulose insulation, a product made 100% from recycled newspapers. Thermal and acoustical efficiencies surpass that of conventional insulation.
By heating objects rather than air, in-floor radiant heating minimizes fuel consumption and doesn't stir dust in the air like forced air heating systems.