1001 Emerson
731 Lincoln
1 Fort Mason
ACME Chophouse
Environmental Home Center
Los Altos Hills
Menlo Park Office
Mijita Tacqueria
Park Avenue, NY
Sandra Slater Environments
The Green Guide
The staircase is the core of the house, located in the middle of the bridge connecting the two wings of the house. It offers striking angles and stunning views into the garden.
The glass encasing the staircase extensive glazing, capturing light and heat in the winter, and providing cross ventilation in the summer.
Non-toxic and low VOC content glues, stains, and floor finishes were specified to maintain healthy indoor air quality.
Rather than use paints that often include toxins, the walls are finished using natural plaster. The plasters also provide a texture and depth to the walls.
A photovoltaic electrical system captures sunlight and converts it to electricity while remaining virtually out of sight from the interior and exterior of the home. Tied to the city grid, excess electricity generated by the system is sold back to the city.
Strategically placed windows and shades allow natural light to cascade into the home and work together to create natural heating and ventilation controls.